New air jordan 15 retro shoes cheap sale

Air jordan series of boots by everyone’s favorite, which of course is derived from the core of the Jordan series of products, and that is the perfect blend of athletes and technology, that is, the legendary basketball, basketball history, the most dazzling star Michael Jordan.

Air Jordan 15 design concept from the then “Air Hegemony” X-15 fighter, Jordan and X-15 warhead machine formed a blend, whether Jordan or X-15, are the leaders in their respective fields. But Tinker may not have thought that his bold idea will make the Cheap Air Jordan 15 the history of the most controversial shoes. Angular shape, heel and outsole that is no longer a secret number, and that will never compromise the tongue, let people love and hate.


Air Jordan 15 upper with a bold Woven material, which even now are rarely involved in basketball shoes. Before and after the palm Zoom Air cushion, Cheap Air Jordan 15 can be said that the performance is very powerful, but the overall design of the shoes, the performance did not show the level, and was the second time Jordan retired, so people for Air Jordan 15’s attention is not hot.

Of course it is regrettable that the introduction of cheap air jordan shoes are from the altar down, so this is the only pair of Jordan has never been in the race through the shoes!