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88-90, Jordan led the Bulls for 3 consecutive years in front of the Pistons. 90 ~ 91 season is destined to be included in the history of the NBA a season, Jordan led the Bulls all the way to the regular season, the playoffs only lost two games in the case won the first six career championship. Jordan was at the foot of the boots is – Cheap Air Jordan 6.


In 2014, Jordan as the first win after the first 23 years, the same as the cheap Air Jordan shoes after the sale of the first 23 years, Jordan Brand decided this year as a large number of Air Jordan 6 engraved years, many long before the Air Jordan shoes outlet 6 color and many new color for sale. If you are an old fan of shoes, you look forward to the color will be re-swept from, if you are a new shoe fans, whether it is old color or new color you will shine.

Jordan 2 generation is the most precious models of the Jordan series, he designed by brucekilgore, produced in Italy, stylish, beyond the traditional concept of cheap nike air max shoes, shoes side retains two trapeze wings logo. This is still the only series in Jordan no black color style,It is said that the design has been a black cheap air jordan 2  generation, and produced a kind of shoes, but ultimately no production.


As the injury, 85-86 season, Jordan played only 18 games on the ankle injury, missed the back of the 64 games. Jordan in 1986 March back from injury, 85 to 86 season is Jordan’s most complete season in his career, Jordan 2 generation for this reason has been given special significance and become precious.
cheap air jordan retro on behalf of the Nike sports shoes have always been with the NIKE hook-type mark, and the use of French design concept, a simple design concept for its features. In addition, its first production of high and low to help with the two models of basketball shoes, also as a tradition of Jordan series and retained.