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high quality cheap Air Jordan 4 Retro

air jordan 4retro

Air Jordan series, each pair of cheap air jordan shoes have been loaded with the history of basketball shoes, has become a classic, but another great series of products is also not since the beginning of the birth of the series has its own logo, Air Jordan series is no exception, if the initial the cheap Air Jordan series like get the gun dance stick fancy gimmicks, then from the Air Jordan IV, the entire series has finally has a real soul, Cheap Air Jordan 4 Retro successfully engraved Air Jordan IV soul.

Cheap Air Jordan 4 Retro is a pair of perfect combination of technology and shape Air Jordan 4 Retro shoes in the cheap Air Jordan 4 Retro shape inherit the genetic four generations, not only “Flight” tongue exciting, even retro do too vividly. Before and after the technical aspects of the design of air people feel comfortable, perfect waves texture soles make sports safer.

air jordan 4 retro


1. grip (Traction)   grip is very strong, or when you move around the front and rear grip can keep up with steadily. I do think this new herring bone sole basis of more, but in short, you have nothing to complain about.

2. cushioning   (Cushion) and AJ 3 almost forefoot cushion-shaped capsule, and polyurethane sandwich at the heel where there is a even a slight squeeze, they still appear to be very thick.

3. Material (Material)   PU leather cover is very persistent, but I personally engraved more respected AJ 3 used in soft leather, but AJ 4 leather shoes will extend the life.

4. Fit    (Fit) for AJ Jiaogan 4, it is love! AJ 3 pair foot and heel firmly been very surprised, and AJ 4 do better! Forefoot mesh-like cotton has been tightly put your feet on the right place, and by adjusting the laces can be perfectly secure.

5. Ventilation(Ventilation)   compared to the first three generations AJ, AJ permeability 4 there is not a small improvement. Basic mountain, panels on both sides of the shoe provides a very good ventilation, despite the tongue or some obstacles, but still contributed more air inflow.

6. supportive (Support)   AJ support of far less than 4 standard shoes today, but vaulted shoe mold and excellent fastness or enough to support you in 1 to No. 4 with good play.