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Eternal Air Jordan 13



Air Jordan 13 design inspiration comes from the cheetah, which should be on Michael Jordan on the court like a cheetah as rapid a compliment, but also completely put aside the old design concept, so in a rather unique design concept to a bold attempt to update people’s aesthetic, the Cheap Air Jordan 13 unique designs, we can see a very dynamic body of the shoe, like a cheetah, like the soles of the feet, as well as classic with different perspectives and changing the pattern of three-dimensional laser logo Although these will be fully integrated with the unique design elements of cheap Air Jordan shoes  presented a minimalist design style is still a class, but had to admit that so perfectly embodies the design philosophy, and a finishing touch of magic pen to add effective piece of writing is indeed worthy of the Sneaker culture immortal classic.

1, Air Jordan 13 was born in 1997, when many signs suggesting that this would be Michael Jordan in the NBA last season, unlike the last time a short farewell, this time because of age is really to say goodbye .

2, Air Jordan 13 can be said to be even better than the previous generation of combat shoes, Zoom Air development is already quite mature, two separate units were placed on the forefoot and the heel, and the pressure is different to the wearer bring excellent cushioning performance and unmatched sense of space, the outsole is designed with reference to the distribution of pre-school division Zhang Li feline fit feet, with implantation of carbon fiber in the end, so that the air jordan shoes outlet and start to change when there is more stable liquidity, the word lines also make exceptional grip.

3, Air Jordan 13 appearance, the details of the deal also highlights the cheap Air Jordan after independence from, Jordan Brand’s determination and intention: streamlined design, three-dimensional laser technology is applied at the upper made Jumpman Logo, these holographic imaging technology a flag to cash out three-dimensional manner, as viewed from a particular angle, not shining feline eyes unique light, also dubbed “leopard eye,” no exaggeration to say, cheap Air Jordan retro  is on the pitch look just like the Black Cat.