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Only Michael Jordan could redefine the bequest of a sneaker and a viral infection all in the aforementioned night. June 11, 1997 will always be remembered as the bearing of the Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game.”

In adjustment to appropriately accept the acceptation of the “Flu Game” XIIs, you aboriginal accept to revisit the timeline of contest that led up to this sneaker getting branded as such.

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At the time of its release, Jordan’s Chicago Bulls were bound in a absolute action with the Utah Jazz during the 1996-97 NBA Finals. After a Game 4 loss—the Bulls’ additional in a row—it was time to regroup and yield ascendancy of the series.

Game 4 was barbarous on all fronts. The Bulls put up a beggarly 73 points. Jordan didn’t book abundant better, traveling 11-for-27 from the field, consistent in a series-low 22 credibility for him.

Having absent two amateur in a row, and with Game 5 in Salt Lake City, the Bulls were blind on for baby life. To accomplish affairs worse, Jordan was experiencing flu-like affection arch up to a must-win Game 5.

Everything afflicted that night. Jordan blew accomplished the Jazz, beating his Western Conference foe to the tune of 38 points, seven rebounds, 5 assists and three steals in a 90-88 Bulls win.

“Battling the spirit and adeptness of the Utah Jazz and the abhorrent affection of the flu, Jordan tonight backpacked his aggregation from the abject of despair,” Mike Wise wrote in the New York Times the afterward morning.

The Bulls went on to win the ’97 Finals in six games, and Jordan’s legacy, as able-bodied as the shoes he wore that acute evening, were always anointed into the memories of sports devotees.

The Air Jordan XII has aback gone on to play a cogent role in the line’s history. Steve Jaconetta of Sole Collector formulated an articulate address about the shoe, answer that the red and atramentous “Flu Game” adaptation was in fact the aboriginal colorway.

Thanks to StockX’s data, we aswell apperceive that the “Flu Game” XIIs alone on June 1, 1997—ten canicule above-mentioned to the sneaker getting accounted aces of the Smithsonian Institution. We aswell apperceive the shoe piggybacked off the success of the cheap Air Jordan 11 archetypal and brought Nike’s flagship artist Tinker Hatfield aback into the mix in adjustment to coalesce the design.

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Hatfield’s eyes for the cheap air jordan 12 was unique. Sean Sweeney over at The Bead affected on what the longtime Jordan assistant acclimated to ammunition the XII’s boastful aesthetic: “a 19th aeon women’s dress cossack and the Japanese war flag, accepted as the Nisshoki.”

But it was Jordan’s adventurous achievement in Game 5 of the NBA Finals that animated this sneaker from artlessly a “Bred” alms to the “Flu Game” 12 we’ve all appear to apperceive and love.

To prove how cogent these shoes are, all you accept to do is analysis out how abundant the aboriginal “Flu Game” sneakers beat by Jordan went for at auction. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Jordan’s game-worn bliss were best up for a aerial amount tag of $104,765.

Fortunately, for those who don’t accept that affectionate of banknote lying around, Jordan Brand is set to bead a retro, remastered adaptation of the “Flu Game” XIIs on May 28.

The shoe is added with exceptional materials, including a confused covering base. Confused covering advance beyond the bliss was acclimated to acknowledge layers of atom detailing.

Between the black-and-red colorway and admittance of confused leather, Air Jordan Shoes Brand’s eyes for this awakening came beyond after a hitch. It’s a shoe that, because of bequest and quality, has become a must-cop for sneakerheads.

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