cheap nike air jordan 8 shoes sale

After the Air Jordan 7 mistakes, the design of the cheap Air Jordan 8 generation of more consideration is how to combine technology and pragmatism really together. Air Jordan 8 and not from what specific things to draw on the design inspiration, from the Baroque art, which is a focus on detail, quality, decorative feeling.


Air Jordan 8 Tinker design is a big outbreak, “outbreak” is mainly derived from the nike logo and Jordan logo between the subtle relationship. We can see from the beginning of the cheap air jordan retro 3, nike logo gradually getting smaller, and Jordan’s logo has been larger, until Jordan 7 generation, when the NIKE logo has disappeared. This year, is a controversial thing, at this critical moment, with the trust of cooperation over the years Tinker, Jordan stood in a designer on the front, the final Air Jordan 7 on behalf of the nike logo completely Was removed. 8 generation is a pair of Tinker shoes designed to do whatever they want. According to his Baroque design concept, Air Jordan shoes outlet for the first time become very complex, but also a lot of details.

The practicality of technology in this pair of shoes on the embodiment is extremely obvious. The first modified is the upper, Air Jordan 8 on behalf of the Jordan series all shoes in the ankle to protect the best, its height and thickness of the record, until 13 years after almost cheap air jordan shoes 21 generations to break; Tightly wrapped in the foot surface, and the first use of the Velcro to bond straps and vamps; outsole is no longer a plane, part of the arch absorbs the hollow design of running shoes, so that weight reduction shoes, sports When the outer end of the role of the ground and more scientific.

Wearing these shoes, Jordan reached his first three consecutive years, to create a bull dynasty, boarded the peak of NBA history, the moment. Then Jordan retired, this pair of Air Jordan 8 became the first pair of shoes in his history, “Masterpiece.”

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